Thermo-Chemical Gasification and Alternativ Energy Applications GmbH.
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TCG ALENA GmbH is a privately owned closed company established in 2006. It is headquartered in Switzerland, and has representatives in Hungary and the United States.

Managing Director: Mr. Ferenc Nagy
President: Mr. Zoltan Aranyodi

The company's expertise and competitive strength consists of nationally and internationally recognized experts and researchers, professors, industrial and institutional professionals from the largest cross-section of the industry and technological arenas. Our technical staff is extremely motivated and committed to providing the most effective and economical solutions in the areas of power stations, W2E centers, green energy technologies and many other relevant areas, including:

Radioactive Waste Repository design and operation Review and critical analysis of alternate energy resources Green energy systems and the application of environmental-friendly technologies for waste utilization

Our company is in very close cooperation with Unicorp I.C.S. Corp., that owns the exclusive right to market the TCG technology in most European countries, the countries of the former USSR, China and Africa. Under the agreement between the Unicorp Co, the Synergy LLC and the TCG ALENA GmbH, ALENA is the primary firm for project development, marketing arrangements, operation of the TCG and associated units/plants, and the primary representative to third parties.

27. Untersee str., Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
Tel/Fax: +41 71 672 7319
United States Representative:
17501 Rimrock Drv., Golden CO, 80401 USA
Phone: +1-303-216-2862
Fax: +1-303-215-0689
Hungary Representative:
Szekesfehervar, Rigo u. 10., 8000 Hungary
Phone: +36 303 9655 51
Fax: +36 22 325 235