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Technology II

Example in case of Coal to Syngas & By-Product

500 ton of low grade coal 18.100 kJ/kg (7,787 Btu/lb)
can produce (approximately):

A./ 38,2 MWh/h of electricity, or
B./ 118.251 l/day (31.239 gallons) of ethanol, 18.693 m3 (660.138 scf ) Methane and
45.412 l/day (11.997 gallons) of methanol simultaneously, or
C./ 138.141 l/day (36.493 gallons) of aviation gasoline, or
D./ 122.792 l/day (32.438 gallons) of bio-gasoline, or
E./ 107.443 l/day ( gallons) of bio-diesel, or
F./ 482.852 m3/day (with 12.660kJ/m3 heat value) Synthesys Gas
Metanol CH3OH
Etanol CH3CH2OH

SynGas from Coal

Synthesis Gas Wood Hidrocarbon Fischer-Tropsch

The steps from the input feed materials via the TCG process to the liquefaction and liquid final products

The Environmental protection

The mass-, and energy balance of the TCG unit